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Issue #1 | March 27, 2024

The Invasion


Roxbury, Southie, Chinatown, Allston - After finding out just 2 days before the government takeover of the Melnea Cass Recreation Complex in Roxbury for the housing of 400 illegal immigrants, Roxbury residents showed up to protest the invasion and we’ve been holding meetings since. Southie residents showed up to oppose illegal immigrants being housed at Fort Point. Note: there are also illegal immigrants being housed in Chinatown, Allston, and other areas of the city.    

North End – We’re entering year 3 of the battle between City Hall, North End Residents, and North End Restaurant Owners. City Hall has wedged a major divide between residents and business owners. Residents say they don’t want outdoor dining – but why would you choose to live there when festivals and North End dining attract large crowds in the summer? City Hall politics used this disagreement to pit neighbors against each other – AND IT WORKED! #SaveTheNorthEnd













Power-hungry politicians are abusing their power and ruining our city...


        …your neighborhood could be next.                             #StopAgenda21        


West Roxbury – Hundreds of residents organized and resisted “road diets” for 4 years. The City ignored their opposition and painted the new road lines.                                                  

East Boston, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park & Roslindale - have shown major opposition to the city’s plans to further congest traffic with bike lanes, road diets & extended sidewalks.          

Mattapan & Dorchester - residents are outraged over plans to install parking meters and major bus terminal lane down the center of Blue Hill Ave.                                

Almost every neighborhood of Boston has dealt with at least one of the STREETS issues. The end goal is to make it undesirable to own a car in the city. Our government wants to restrict our free movement and freedom to travel.

#SaveBostonStreets #NoBikeLanesBoston

Shattuck Development – State Rep Samantha Montano attempted to hold a secret meeting to build support for a major treatment facility that the community at large has opposed. #SaveFranklinPark                                                                     


White Stadium – 16 plaintiffs file lawsuit against the Mayor and City to oppose privatization of public sports stadium. 



Charlestown BioLabs – major overdevelopment plans including installing HAZARDOUS labs in dense residential area of Charlestown. 



Boston Human Rights Commission and many other committees are abusing public meeting laws to push their agendas.  



Downtown Toll – City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson suggests charging a toll for driving through Downtown Boston. 



#ShameOnWu – It’s almost the 2-year anniversary of the passing of Mayor Wu’s self-serving Picketing Ordinance. 5 people were arrested while peacefully protesting the mayor and 3 of them are still fighting in court now.

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